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"I would have said that after 6 years we didn't have much left to learn about each other in the sex department. Boy, was I wrong! We both discovered things we didn't expect--and had a really good time in the process (if you know what I mean).
- JM. Orlando

I have provided copies of your book to a number of my patients. They enjoyed the workbook format and process, and we were able to use their responses in our therapy sessions. It helped to deepen their appreciation of each other's sexual feelings and desires. Thanks for providing a very useful therapeutic tool.
- Therapist, San Francisco

My husband shook his head and sighed when I told him a had a new "self-help" book for communicating about sex. His reluctance disappeared after the second section of the workbook. He was hooked, and we did the entire book in one evening. We talked about (and even tried out) things neither of us realized the other wanted in our sex life. Now, he goes back to the book for ideas. Great idea!
- SW. Tampa

I like the way your workbook doesn't tell us what's right or wrong, or what other couples do differently than we do. It let us look at our own sex life (in private) and find ways to make things more enjoyable for both of us. Answering the questions felt safe and comfortable--not embarrassing the way I thought I might be. It helped both of us.
- MB. Gainesville

Its hard to believe, but after 17 years I guess we'd forgotten how to ask each other for sex. My wife shared more with me in 2 hours about what she wants form sex that she has in the last 10 years. Its made a big difference already.
- MW. Hartford

We are pretty open sexually. I don't know that my boyfriend and I discovered anything completely new--but we fine tuned a few things, and it was really fun doing it. It led to some great sex afterwards too.
- EL. Miami


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